Why you can (and should) publish your own digital magazine today!

Dear blogger, guru, authority or celebrity

The world is changing. Even if you have a large following, it's difficult to keep people engaged and coming back to your site. And now, with smartphone and tablet revolution, your site gets even smaller... and competes with apps.

Secure your place on your readers'/followers' home screens

Thanks to a magazine iPhone/iPad/Android app, you'll be in touch with your followers directly through their mobile device. No RSS subscriptions, Email newsletters, spam problems... you're just one tap away.

Publish regular, curated content easily

No. To publish a magazine you shouldn't be forced to create a PDF, spend hours tweaking an inDesign layout or anything like that. You should just be able to choose your blog posts, put them in the right order, maybe write an original piece if you feel like and hit "pubilsh". No technical mambo-jumbo.

Give them an easy way to subscribe to you

Just point them to download your iPhone/iPad/Android magazine app and that's it. They're subscribed. They'll receive notifications from you. They'll be coming back. You are on their home screen. In their pocket. It's magical.

We've gone through it with the Productive! Magazine

Back in 2008 we decided to publish a magazine for busy professional and initially we published a downloadable PDF. It was a long process with each issue. Once we had the content, we still needed at least a week or two to get the layout, design, etc...

In 2013 we changed all that and invested lots of money in building our own iPhone, iPad and Android apps. We knew that busy professionals want to be able to read our magazine on the move. This enabled us to publish the magazine regularly. Once we have the content, it's a matter of minutes and the new issue is ready. No complicated design processes, no layout issues. As easy as 1-2-3. Here's the result:

Productive! Magazine

Now we've launched Productive! Magazine Japan, Productive! Magazine Polska and more magazines are coming...

Shouldn't everyone be able to publish their own digital mobile magazine?

... and we thought: "hey, maybe we shouldn't keep it to ourselves and just let others also publish their magazines?". Well, if this is something that might interest you, please fill out this form and we'll be in touch:

When you subscribe, we'll later send you more info on our new digital publishing platform with more details on how you can also build your own digital magazine.